Nature’s bounty in the Namioka area

Access shown is from Namioka Station.
From Aomori Station to Namioka Station takes 25 minutes via JR. Access times shown are approximates and may be subject to change.

Cherry blossoms in Namioka

You can see the beautiful cherry blossoms in late April.

Namioka Castle Ruins

5min. via Aomori City Shimin Bus,

  Namioka Shiroato-Mae bus stop

Namioka Shissei Kaen Park

5min. via Aomori City Shimin Bus,

  20min. walk from Michi-no-eki Namioka bus stop

Hanaoka Park

10min. via Community Bus, Hanaoka Koen bus stop

Namioka Apple Hill

Here you can enjoy shopping for apples and apple-related products, as well as savour the popular freshly-made apple pie and gelato. Experience more than just shopping at Namioka Apple Hill.

Aomori City Shimin Bus, Michi-no-eki Namioka bus stop


09:00-19:00 (may vary depending on the season and the individual shops)

Credit cards not accepted (except for souvenir corner)

Closed: Jan. 1st

Apple-picking experience

Harvest your own apples from early September to early November

Adults (Over 12) ¥500 (4 apples) , Children ¥350 (3 apples)

Apple blossoms

In mid-May the apple trees are covered in flowers.

Aomori Indigo Dye Workshop

Natural indigo-dyed clothes and accessories are sold here. You can also take part in an indigo dye workshop. (Reservation required, Japanese-language only available)

Workshop starts from ¥900

Other apple-picking locations

Aomori Sightseeing Apple Garden

From June to November, harvest your own in-season fruits such as apples, cherries, and peaches. (Charges apply)

30min. from Aomori Station via Aomori City Bus, Tamogino Kominkan-Mae bus stop



Credit cards not accepted


Ideal for souvenirs and snacks (Apple-based products)

Apple Juice

100% fruit juice, delicious chilled or heated.


An alcoholic drink made from apples.

Apple Pies

Filled with delicious apples.

Japanese-style apple confectionery

Apple Jam/ Apple Butter