A stroll in the Hakkoda area: beautiful in every season

Soak in the natural splendour of the Hakkoda Mountains, just one hour from the city centre. Simply enjoy the picturesque scenery, or try one of the many activities available.

Hakkoda Ropeway

Observation Deck

10-minute trip through the air. Enjoy the beautiful views on the way down from the summit.


9:00-16:20 (9:00-15:40 from Mid-Nov. to Feb.) Runs every 15-20 minutes

Round trip ¥1,850

Credit cards accepted

Please be aware that the ropeway will not operate in bad weather.

   Closed for maintenance in early November.


Autumn leaves at Hakkoda

In September and October, the Hakkoda Mountains are dyed in radiant colours.

Jogakura Bridge

Japan’s longest deck arch bridge (255m) provides spectacular views.

Kenashitai Marshland

Jigokunuma Pond

Onsen at Hakkoda

Sukayu Onsen(Note: this bath is mixed-gender.)

Hakkoda is Aomori’s most famous onsen area, with several bath-houses to choose from.

Sukayu Onsen 017-738-6400

Kansuizawa Onsen 017-738-2233

Jogakura Onsen 017-738-0658

Michinoku Fukazawa Onsen 017-738-1464

Hakkoda Onsen 017-738-8288 *Closed: Mid-Nov. to Apr.

Snow in Hakkoda

Frost-coverd Trees

Ice and snow cling to the trees, causing them to grow into large, monstrous shapes. Ideal period: Jan.-Feb. Can be seen from the ropeway’s Summit Park Station.

Moya Hills

Only 30minutes’ drive from the city centre, these slopes are perfect for beginners. Equipment is available for rent. (Charges apply)


9:00-21:00 (Dec.-Mar.)

Credit cards not accepted

Snow Corridor

On April 1st every year, this road between Sukayu Onsen and Yachi Onsen (see map above) is reopened after the winter. Take a bus or car ride between the towering walls of snow. The road is also opened to pedestrians for a special walking event at the end of March.

Access times for each location (Access times shown are approximates and may be subject to change)