A serene corner of Aomori: Asamushi Onsen

Discovered over 1200 years ago, these onsen are among the longest-standing in Japan. Look out on the beautiful ocean scenery as you soak in the luxurious baths.

Access times shown are from Asamushi Onsen Station. From Aomori Station to Asamushl Onsen Station takes about 20 minutes on the Aoimori Railway. Access times shown are approximates and may be subject to change.

Asamushi Onsen

There are several onsen ryokan (Japanese-style inns) in Asamushi, as well as the following baths:

Yu-sa Asamushi

A popular onsen with a wide view of the sea. The blackcurrant ice-cream is also popular. Plenty of souvenirs on offer.

2min. walk


   (Shop opens at 9:00)

¥350 (use of bathing facilities)

Credit cards not accepted

Closed: unscheduled
   holidays in February

Foot Bath

Experience the benefits of onsen waters as you soak your feet.

Plase :Just in front of the station

Free of charge

Aquarium Asamushi

Feel like you are walking underwater with the 15m tunnel tank. The dolphin performances are also popular.

10min. walk




Credit cards accepted

Open year-round

Sunset Beach Asamushi

A perfect spot to watch the beautiful setting sun. In summer (Mid-July to Early-August), enjoy swimming in the sea.

5 min. walk

Asamushi Fishing Park

Enjoy fishing at your leisure.

5 min. walk


   *extra charges apply for equipment rental

Credit cards not accepted

Closed: August 1st


Snowshoe Hiking

Walk through the white landscape in special snowshoes. (Reservations required)

017-752-3250 (Asamushi Onsen Tourism Association)

Late Jan. – Late Feb.

¥1,000 (Equipment rental fee)

Credit cards not accepted

Early-Morning Walk

Take a walking tour in the clear morning air with a local guide.

Gathering in front of Asamushi Onsen Station at 5:30 (approx. 1 hour duration). Daily from April 1st to October 31st

Free of charge

Firefly Watching

In July, Asamushi Dam (also known as Firefly Lake) is full of fluttering fireflies.

5min. walk

1th Jul. – 30th Jul., 20:00-21:30